• 30 August 2021

Save the date with FEROTEC for SPACE 2021 in september

Save the date with FEROTEC for SPACE 2021 in september

Save the date with FEROTEC for SPACE 2021 in september 1024 494 Ferotec the dies experts

Finally, we get to be together again ! Our FEROTEC team is glad to get back on the tracks of events and shows in this mid-2021.

Not there in 2019, our come back should have been in september 2020. As we all know the Covid pandemic hit us. With sanitary measures, we get to come back with our very first event with the SPACE 2021 !

Our sales team will present you our brand new features and innovations in FEROTEC. 

Save the date with FEROTEC for SPACE 2021 in september

Our sales team will gladly receive you from the 14th to the 16th of september at the Parc des Expositions in the city of St Jacques de la Lande, near Rennes (35).

For our first event since 2019, we’ll be thrilled to meet again on our standD72, Hall 10. It’s finally the opporunity we were looking for presenting our innovations to our faithful or new customers, worldwide.

In the wake of modernity, FEROTEC gets innovative as well

Indeed, those two years had an impact on our R&D ressources. They worked on new features and products, in addition to dies. FEROTEC is now operating on those following subjects :

  • Extrusion dies
  • Shells for pelletizing dies
  • Ring-shaped and flat dies in cemented steel (to the surface)

Those innovations came in addition to our historical features which are dies hardened to the heart.

What will bring those innovations for FEROTEC ?

Linked to the new developments in animal nutrition, the ever steady growth of biomass market, the development of new markets such as the waste granulation, mud from stewage treatment station, fertilizers, all of that had a reel impact on our customers requirements.

It appears to be interesting to go deeper on those subjects and develop a brand new range of products. Not only FEROTEC team worked developping and conceiving  extrusion dies, shells for pelletizing dies, but we got more precise on the use of new steels (considering treated steel on the surface with cementation).

Our innovative way will meet those needs, for new markets, for our loyal or new customers.

Bring our customers a whole solution with FEROTEC

Being capable to provide an overall answer to our customers needs and requirements was a reel technological and logistical challenge. We’ve been out of our confort zone and adjust ourselves to create this.

Our brand new and complete offer now meet our customers daily needs and requirements for good. Being innovative has always been in our DNA, we’re now consistently a dies manufacturer with 30years experience, willing to become the leader in manufacturing pelletizing dies. This new role, worldwide, for our customers and distributors, means they can rely on an experienced and reliable partner.

Through their work as distributors, through their trust as customers, FEROTEC have been able to give birth to those new products and features. So, thank you.

Need infos and help with your dies project ? 

Our team will be happy to talk with you about industrial dies, shells, rollers, die bolsters, flat dies, ring-shpaed dies, die-grinding. Come to the SPACE show in september or get in touch by phone or email !

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