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Our company manufactures over 2800 units every year, for pelleting plants producing animal feed, minerals, wood products, waste recycling, and more.

Since 2010, Ferotec’s reputation and area of influence have extended well beyond France, thanks to the implementation of a pro-active export development strategy. Today, the international market accounts for 60% of our turnover, mostly in Eastern Europe and Latin America, as well as in East Africa and South-East Asia – some twenty countries worldwide in all.

Our products

  • Ring-shaped

    (X46Cr13, 35Ncd16 and 20MnCr5 alloy)
  • Flat
    (X46Cr13 and 20MnCr5 alloy)
  • Stiffener

  • Dimpled shells corrugated shells, shells with inclined grooves, etc.
  • Complete rollers