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A French

Quality service with a special emphasis on staying close to our clients.

By locating our production facility at Grand Fougeray, Ille-et-Vilaine, we can provide products that are 100% Made in France and deliver service close at hand, thus ensuring flexibility, quick delivery times, and close familiarity with our clients’ requirements. The decision to adopt a ‘short-circuit’ model also has a significant impact on our prices.
Ferotec operates on 10,500 square metres of space, located halfway between Rennes and Nantes – close to the French market and major communication routes.

men and women

Some thirty people work for Ferotec, ensuring clients benefit from the very best quality and service.

The production personnel are recruited locally, in particular through a partnership with Marcel Callo vocational college in Redon (FR): the school offers diploma courses for machining technicians and industrial equipment maintenance.

Ferotec uses the apprenticeship approach to train people in the company’s methods, thus ensuring a constant source of qualified workers.